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Leading Furniture Hardware Manufacturer in China Your Profitable Growth Business Partner

Rich Experience: Boasting professional and extensive manufacturing experience in furniture hardware accessories.

Advanced Equipment: Utilizing efficient production equipment and technology to ensure product quality.

Wide Product Range: Providing diversified furniture hardware accessories that cater to various needs.

Flexible Customization: Offering personalized customization services to meet individual customer requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions: Providing all-encompassing design, production, and logistics solutions, streamlining the procurement process.


      Choose WELLTOP for unparalleled expertise and excellence in furniture hardware. With 20 years of industry experience, our Zhaoqing-based factory operates across four production bases with 32 lines, supported by a vast 100,000 square meters warehouse. Our dynamic sales department in Guangzhou ensures seamless coordination. Quality assurance is our priority, reflected in our wide product range driven by innovation and market insights. Our strong market presence and diverse customer base showcase our credibility and trustworthiness. Partner with WELLTOP for customized solutions and efficient production processes, backed by a track record of success. Embrace industry leadership, reliability, and exceeding expectations—choose WELLTOP.

veitop hardware
veitop hardware
veitop hardware
veitop hardware
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veitop hardware
veitop hardware
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veitop hardware
veitop hardware
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360° Service Approach
Save Worry, Save Trouble, Save Time, Make Reliable
Communicate with the customer to confirm customization needs, including specifications, materials, and quantities.
Develop initial design proposals, confirm with the customer, and make modifications until satisfaction is achieved.
Create samples to validate design feasibility, allowing customers to review and provide modification suggestions.
Provide a final quotation, sign a contract specifying details such as pricing and delivery dates.
Initiate the production process, including material procurement, processing, and quality inspections.
Conduct quality inspections and performance tests to ensure compliance with standards and requirements.
Package qualified products and arrange logistics to ensure safe transportation.
Deliver the products to the customer and provide after-sales services, including installation guidance and warranty support.
Professional Certificates
We firmly adheres to the concept of compliance, ensuring every product is reliable and safe to use.
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Lastest News
We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at CIFF 2024, where innovation meets tradition, and new opportunities await. Don't miss this chance to explore the possibilities and be inspired by the latest in furniture hardware solutions from Welltop Hardware. See you at Pazhou, Guangzhou, for an event that promises to set new standards in the furniture industry.
Elevate your bedroom experience with WellTop's innovative bed lift mechanisms. Designed for a variety of bed sizes, these mechanisms not only enhance comfort but ingeniously maximize storage space. Robust and reliable, they can handle weights from 22 to 46 kg. Our sophisticated lift systems transform ordinary bed frames into elegant, space-saving solutions. WellTop's commitment to quality and functionality brings you the perfect blend of style and practicality for a restful sanctuary.
Discover the elegance of minimalism with WellTop’s furniture legs, the perfect blend of form and function for the discerning homeowner. Our VT-02 series is designed to elevate your furniture, offering a range of sizes and styles that seamlessly integrate with any interior design. From the bold X-shape of VT-02.201 to the sleek lines of VT-02.202, each model promises not just a solid foundation but a statement of style.
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